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Each nation can register a single national team. The procedures WSDC Ltd Board of Directors shall use in the event of more than one application from one nation is being submitted are outlined in WSDC Rules, Rule 3.3.

Teams consist of no less than 3 and no more than 5 debaters. A member of a nation’s team must have reached their 14th birthday by the first day of debates and not have reached their 20th birthday by the day of the grand final at the Championship. For more information on participant eligibility, including participants’ education status, please see WSDC Rules, Part Four.

Every team must be accompanied by a team coach and a team manager. A team manager may at the same time act as a coach or an adjudicator. A team coach cannot act as an adjudicator. For more information on team coach and team manager eligibility, please see WSDC Rules, Part Four.

We highly encourage each participating nation to register at least one experienced adjudicator per delegation. Adjudicators must not assist in the coaching of a team at the Championship at which they are judging. For more information on adjudicator eligibility, please see WSDC Rules, Part Eleven.

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