Each nation can register a single national team.

A team consists of 3 to 5 high school students. A team has to be accompanied by a coach and a team manager (a team manager can at the same time be registered as a coach or an adjudicator). A team can be accompanied by an unlimited number of adjudicators. We highly encourage all participating nations to register adjudicators for WSDC 2018. Teams can also register observers who are free to participate as audience on all WSDC 2018 events.

Please make sure you consult WSDC Rules, Part Four before registering to make sure all your delegates are eligible to participate at WSDC 2018.

Stage 1 Registration

Registration opens on January 28th.

Stage 1 registration process for WSDC 2018 opens on January 28th and will be done through our online registration form.

Registration deadline is April 1st. Please make sure you register in time as all deadlines will be strictly enforced to avoid last minute dropouts.

During Stage 1, delegations will be required to submit delegate names and roles, as well as a payment of at least 50% of their total participation fee. Invoices for both delegations and independent adjudicators can be generated through the online registration system. Stage 1 registration is obligatory and a prerequisite to be able to advance to Stage 2.

Stage 2 Registration

Submit delegation details by May 20th.

Stage 2 registration starts on April 2nd and lasts until May 20th. During Stage 2, delegations will be required to provide detailed information on their delegates, as well as submit necessary documents (travel insurance, Code of Conduct, EFL/ESL forms, passport scans, visa paperwork, photo release forms) and the rest of their payment. Visa guarantee letters will be issued to delegations and individuals after they submit all relevant documentation.

Full payment deadline is May 20th. A delegation’s participation is guaranteed only if their fees are covered by May 20th.

Stage 3 Registration

Stage 3 starts on May 21 and lasts until July 1st. During Stage 3, delegations will be required to submit their arrival and departure times.

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