There are two accommodation options for your organized stay in Zagreb during WSDC 2018. Apart from Hotel Panorama, our main accommodation site, we can offer spots in Hostel Moving (only 350 meters away from Panorama) for a reduced registration fee.

50% payment deadline for both delegations and independent adjudicators is April 1st. Invoices can be generated through our registration system.

Participation fees cover the following:

  • 10 nights of accommodation (check-in on July 17th, check-out on July 27th) at Hotel Panorama for the regular or Hostel Moving for the reduced fee
  • All breakfasts, all dinners and lunch during debate days
  • Transport to preliminary round venues if needed
  • Transport to elimination round venues for competitors if needed
  • Guided Zagreb tours
  • Social events


Regular fee

  • per debater (3 -5 debaters per team)
  • included coach/ team manager/ adjudicator
  • accommodation at Hotel Panorama

Reduced fee

  • per debater (3-5 debaters per team)
  • 1 coach or team manager, 1 adjudicator
  • accommodation at Hostel Moving, subject to availability


  • unlimited number of observers per team
  • accommodation at Hotel Panorama

Independent adjudicators

Independent adjudicators will be able to register through the regular registration system starting with January 28th.

To ensure the quality of the adjudicator pool as well as regional representation, we’ll be offering subsidies to a number of independent adjudicators. Subsidy applications will be done through the same registration system. Our Chief Adjudicators will allocate subsidies after reviewing all subsidy applications.

Subsidy application deadline is March 1st. The results will be published by March 15th, allowing independent adjudicators enough time to finalize their Stage 1 registration by April 1st.

Hotel Panorama


Hostel Moving


Additional costs

Single room fee

  • avaliable for Hotel Panorama, subject to avaliability

Please note that 50% of your registration fee is nonrefundable and that all registration fees will be nonrefundable after July 1st.