World Schools is the format used at World Schools Debate Championships as defined by WSDC Rules.

The preliminary rounds will be held in or around Zagreb. Tournament venues outside of Zagreb would, depending on availability, include small picturesque cities and towns in close proximity to the capital. Transport from the hotel to the tournament venues will be provided by the organizers without additional fees. Potential bus rides would take up to an hour depending on traffic. WSDC 2018 venues will ultimately also depend on the power-pairing method adopted by the end of January.

The WSDC 2017 Tournament Committee voted in favor of testing power-pairing in 2018. The WSDC Ltd Board of Directors and the Draw Working Group are currently finalising a document outlining options regarding the method of power-pairing to be used at WSDC 2018. When the online ballot is held towards the end of January, one official voting delegate from each nation which has entered a team in at least 2 of the past 3 WSDC Championships will be able to cast a ballot.