WSDC 2018 participants will be staying at Panorama, a 4* hotel which boasts the title of the tallest hotel in Croatia (seriously). The hotel has 228 rooms and 51 apartments and can accommodate up to 580 participants. All breakfasts and dinners will be served at the hotel, apart for evenings when dinner is part of a social event outside of the hotel.

We’re able to offer hostel accommodation for up to 100 participants, either entire delegations or adjudicators, for a reduced registration fee. The hostel we’ll be using is Hostel Moving located only 350 meters away from Hotel Panorama. If over 100 participants apply for hostel accommodation, we’ll be distributing hostel rooms depending on financial needs.


If you’re interested in extending your stay at Hotel Panorama or Hostel Moving and want us to arrange for your rooms, please contact us at Extra accommodation is subject to availability.


If you’re looking for other accommodation in Zagreb, you can find some recommendations below. We’ve been hosting Winter Holidays Open, Europe’s largest WS tournament, for 5 years now. The options we’re recommending are exclusively those we used for the tournament previously, liked working with and got great feedback on from WHO participants.

Swanky Mint Hostel

Hostel Bureau

Palmers Lodge Hostel

My Way Hostel Zagreb

Hostel Chic

Hostel Chillout

Hotel Central (3*)

Hotel International (4*)