We would make sure that WSDC 2018 in Zagreb is featured prominently in national and international media. Our organizations would conduct a 6 month campaign in Croatia and Slovenia promoting WSDC 2018 as a debating event of immense value for reaching international understanding and promotion of free speech. On a regional level, organizations from both Slovenia and Croatia working on a project of this scale are sure to make a positive impact in regional and national media. Additionally, both of our proposed Finals venues – monumental Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb or the Roman amphitheatre Arena in Pula would provide impressive visuals and attract the attention of international media. For this purpose we intend to cooperate with localized CNN and Al-Jazeera channels (N1 – CNN and Al-Jazeera Balkans) in order to promote this event internationally. Based on our ongoing six-year cooperation in production of debate related TV shows on Croatian National Television, a national public TV channel will also provide full support for the event.


Through cooperation with local university TV and our well established relationship with Canon Croatia, we propose establishing a permanent database of WS debate format videos which will be taken during the tournament. Modeled by our successful experience from Winter Holidays Open tournament we propose filming at least 5 debates per round, making sure that by the end of the tournament each team willing to participate can have a high quality video recording of their WSDC 2018 experience. This means that after WSDC 2018 there will be at least 40 debates publicly available, providing future participants with reliable learning material and adding visibility to the tournament.

We would also form a dedicated online audience building team to handle social media presence of the event, trying to expand its reach beyond the usual debate audience.

In cooperation with Croatian Academic Research Network we propose to have several debates per round live streamed on WSDC 2018 website, which would make WSDC 2018 available to international audiences in real time.


Other than over 700 primary school, high school and university debaters in Zagreb who are very interested in the tournament, City of Zagreb offered to promote WSDC 2018 as an activity for high school and elementary school students utilizing an extensive network of public libraries, summer youth clubs and local summer schools to bring young audiences to debates.

During July, Zagreb is a popular tourist destination for travelers who are either visiting Zagreb or are stopping by on their way to the coast. Last year visitors from 124 countries stayed in Zagreb during the summer and we propose making this reality a promotion opportunity for WSDC 2018. If there is interest in the WSDC community and The Executive, we propose cooperating with already interested Zagreb Tourist Board in organizing some debate rounds in tourist attractions, inviting all interested individuals to participate in the audience. Proposed locations for such rounds, for example Arts Pavilion, The Illyrian Hall and Croatian Association of Artists, are suitable for the event. Similar level of support can be expected from City of Ljubljana where elimination rounds will be held in tourist hotspots raising the visibility of the entire event.